Quality Control & HACCP

GML Group are dedicated to safety and quality control. We exceed legislative and industry accreditation standards, because we value our staff, our clients, and their customers. 

Our facilities

We understand that you need safe and appropriate housing for your valuable goods, and that your unique inventory needs customised management to be properly used. That’s why GML Group provide a range of customisable warehousing solutions, with options for short- and long-term storage, and a broad range of goods. Our facilities are properly equipped and maintained, and protected with advanced security measures to ensure the safety of your inventory throughout collection, storage, and dispatch.



GML Group’s unique warehouse management system offers full integration with your business’s existing IT systems, and enormous flexibility in accommodating your specific warehousing requirements. Our highly skilled staff are comprehensively trained in our operating procedures, ensuring the safety, quality and efficiency of our logistics services. We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service, delivering complete warehousing solutions that are customised to meet your specific business requirements, and to streamline your distribution.



If you’re importing goods through your business, you will know how important—and how time-consuming and stressful—it is to comply with quarantine requirements. Leave it in our hands: GML Group adhere to strict national standards of quarantine and dangerous goods management, liaising and complying with governing bodies and inspection agencies, including DAFF, to ensure the safety of consumers and workers.

GML Group liaise directly with inspection agencies in the collection, inspection, storage, management and quality control of quarantine stock. Our quality control practices using our unique warehouse management system ensure the streamlining of stock into and out of isolation, operating under the code of conduct for therapeutic goods warehousing.



GML Group are committed to safety. Your business is safe in our capable hands, because we understand its risk factors and how to manage them. Our operations are conducted in a manner that complies with both occupational health and safety legislation, and the codes of practice for our industry. GML Group enforce stringent health and safety policies and procedures to ensure the wellbeing of our staff, our clients and their customers, and contractors and visitors to our sites. Our workers are certified and properly skilled in their trades, and attend regular training and education sessions to ensure our safe and ethical practice.

GML Group’s commitment to continual performance improvement encompasses safety training. Our safety programs involve education on handling, transporting and storing dangerous goods and hazardous materials, safe operation of heavy machinery and equipment, emergency response management, workplace health and safety awareness, documentation and reporting of near-miss incidents, and safe working practices.


Recall management systems

We know things can go wrong sometimes. But GML Group are poised to effectively handle recalls and shipment identification requirements, and we can protect your business and your livelihood through efficient management to reduce their effect when they do happen.

Our unique warehouse management system enables us to provide vital information to our clients, in the case of recall or shipment identification, within 10 minutes of request. We can provide advice almost instantly about stock on hand, any stock in transit and already delivered to customer, by use by or batch and confirm this information with a physical count within 60 minutes.

Our recall management systems are part of our normal service, giving us the ability to minimise the impact of unforeseen events and supply chain disruption on all of our clients.




Quality, efficiency and safety

GML Group sites are HACCP accredited, and abide by the regulations of the ALC, and by the RLSC code of practice, undertaking annual audits and assessments to ensure that we maintain our high standards of safety, quality, and efficiency, from point of origin to point of consumption.