Benefits we offer

Do you want to save time and reduce costs?

We provide fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

As an experienced 3PL provider, we have the flexibility required for scalability, and increasing productivity by tailoring solutions to your business requirements. Our customised warehousing solutions mean that if your company is seasonal in nature, we can adjust your service provision level by reducing warehouse space, transportation, and labour costs in down times, and increasing them during peak periods. This removes the risk of lost capital in underused in-house services.


Our complete logistics solutions also eliminate the need for you to invest in warehouse space, technology, transportation, and staff. And because of our purchasing power, we can pass on logistics and warehousing cost reductions. We can leverage significant volume discounts in services such as transportation, to lower overheads and increase the efficiency of your services. We may even be able to help you reduce goods costs and lost sales.


Do you want to increase your productivity and efficiency?

We provide sophisticated management solutions.

GML Group are logistics experts, and we can manage your logistics needs for you, so you can concentrate on using your expertise to perform your essential business activities.


GML Group are adept in inventory management. We can improve your performance, and increase the accuracy and efficiency of your inventory management by providing advanced reporting, reducing inventory levels, increasing product availability rates, improving your order accuracy, and consequently reducing the number of customer complaints. We can improve the visibility and tracking of your entire inventory and logistics process, meeting the increasing demand for immediate reporting and documentation, and for online access to live stock data.


Do you want continuous optimisation and quality improvement?

We provide innovative and sustainable solutions.

GML Group are extremely adaptable, and as your business grows, we can accommodate your changing requirements.


Because we are industry focused, we understand what works best for our customers. We have the ability to modify and optimise each element in the supply chain as required, and your company will benefit from continuous improvements to your logistics procedures. We are up to date with the best practices and latest developments of the industry, and can support your accelerated growth requirements.

Our existing infrastructure, technology, and alliances have been developed over 25 years of our experience and development, and they are available to benefit your business. We can help you build a sustainable network, without the substantial financial risks associated with starting from scratch.


Do you want to improve your customer service?

We provide exemplary communication solutions.

GML Group was founded on customer service.


We have an impressive portfolio of clients, obtained through decades of professionalism and excellence in service provision. But our drive to provide superior customer service has been the determining factor in our success and expansion, and we have the diplomacy and respectful interpersonal communication skills necessary for exceptional 3PL partnerships.

Our history and experience in sales and marketing underpin our supply chain operations, allowing us to provide excellent service to our clients, and to our clients’ customers. Our clients receive extremely fast response times to enquiries, fully customised delivery programs that encompass live online access to data and report creation on demand, and a noteworthy level of professional communication that is testimony to our underlying family values.

Quality, efficiency and safety

GML Group sites are HACCP accredited, and abide by the regulations of the ALC, and by the RLSC code of practice, undertaking annual audits and assessments to ensure that we maintain our high standards of safety, quality, and efficiency, from point of origin to point of consumption.