• We understand each individuals needs

    If you’re looking for customised management of your unique inventory, look to GML Group.

    We understand the individual needs of your business, and how to service your specific requirements.

    Our fully programmable warehouse management systems allow us to systematically manage replenishments, provide accurate cycle counts and stocktakes, manage the rotation and batch/use by tracking, and manage movement and delivery. The efficiency of our systems help us to meet regulatory standards, ensuring our safety, the safety of our clients, and safety of the end customer. We comprehensively manage FMCG inventory, through documenting, labelling, and allocating stock; quality control; and providing proof of shipment and invoicing. We can distribute directly to stores, or to any of Australia’s major distribution centres.

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  • Servicing your industry

    We provide complete logistics solutions across a diverse array of markets, including:

    • FMCG
    • retail
    • pharmaceutical
    • industrial, manufacturing and constructions
    • food & alcohol
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  • Providing accuracy & efficiency

    The accuracy of our warehouse management system also means that we have the ability to efficiently handle recalls. We can provide advice to our clients about stock on hand, by use-by or batch, within minutes of receiving notification. We can provide confirmation following physical counts within the hour. Because of the efficiency of our comprehensive reverse logistics processes, we are able to minimise the impact of recalls on our clients.

    GML Group’s seamless management of the supply chain is possible through both our flexibility and precision, and our collaborative communication with our clients. We are one of the few 3PL companies that have special client distribution status with our client’s customer base. Our customer service is our defining trait: our clients have instant live online access to their stock information, allowing full inventory visibility, and transparency of our practice.


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  • Fast turn-around in all facets

    As a client, you will enjoy extremely short response times to your requests, fully customised service, and clear communication in a mutually beneficial working relationship. If you are interested in improving your business with our sophisticated, flexible and fully integrated logistics solutions, contact us now.

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