• Looking for safety & security?

    At GML Group, we focus on providing safe, secure and efficient warehouse services. Our facilities are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

    Our unique and systematic warehouse management system allows us to provide individually tailored solutions for pick and pack and FMCG services, with unmatched flexibility, excellent communication, and highly accurate and timely management of stock inventory. We provide both short- and long-term storage and management for everything from retail, food grade items, to hazardous materials. We also offer superior inventory management, including replenishment, systematic physical and electronic inventory, forecasting and valuation, quality control, and sophisticated dispatch processes.

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  • Accredited to meet Australian standards

    GML Group warehouses are all fully HACCP approved, with annual professional assessments to ensure certification and to meet regulatory standards. We comply with the regulations of the ALC, the RLSC code of practice, and with all government legislation of the industry.


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  • Specialising in direct to retail and FMCG

    GML Group specialises in pick and pack solutions direct to retail and service outlets, including grocery stores, beauty salons, department stores, pharmacies and specialty stores. Our FMCG solutions focus on providing full warehouse and bulk palletised product distribution services to industries including, but not limited to, grocery, pharmacy, and discount department stores, and foodservice distribution centres.

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