Our warehouse management solutions

Our innovative warehouse management system was developed in-house, in response to customer demand.

We know that your business is unique, and that its individual needs must be met to operate effectively. We also know that you want the right support from the right people, when you need advice or your questions answered. That’s why we developed our warehouse management system, and why our reputation for excellence continues to grow.



Besides providing the superior customer service that they were developed for, our warehousing solutions provide greater than 99.9% stock accuracy, with state-of-the-art electronic labelling and online access to stock management for our clients. We systematically manage stored inventory, conducting frequent physical and electronic cycle counts, rotating stock and monitoring use by and batch numbers, conducting accurate stock takes, and providing replenishment planning advice. Our systems also allow us to efficiently manage movement and delivery control and performance, invoices and PODs, ensuring that all documentation is clearly communicated to our clients, with the security of knowing instantly when dispatched goods are received by the customer.

GML Group’s superior customer service is due to our flexibility. Our noteworthy warehouse management system is fully programmable, and customised to meet any level of service required. Our sophisticated software integrates fully with our client’s existing software programs, and provides live online access for inventory visibility, ordering, management and tracking, and reporting on demand.


Quality, efficiency and safety

GML Group sites are HACCP accredited, and abide by the regulations of the ALC, and by the RLSC code of practice, undertaking annual audits and assessments to ensure that we maintain our high standards of safety, quality, and efficiency, from point of origin to point of consumption.