Industry Solutions for Pick and Pack

GML Group are experts in logistics, because we are innovative, creative and flexible. We provide unique logistics solutions to many industry problems.

The client/problem: start-up, looking for logistics operations in WA for the first time

Solution summary: GML Group serviced their client base through our WA distribution centre, customising our warehouse management system to meet their requirements for the storage and distribution for a range of both fast and slow moving products.



Lines of communication

We provided information on the appropriate communication channels for the client, including a hierarchy of options for urgent direct communication. We provided the client with online access to their inventory, providing full training on how to generate requests, view reports and forecasts, and to obtain information about stock on hand. We integrated our fully programmable warehouse management system with their existing IT systems, to maximise the visibility of their inventory.

Fast moving / slow moving items

The client had a range of goods, both fast and slow moving, which required different storage and management solutions. We discussed the specific requirements of the different goods with the client, and tailored our warehouse management system to encompass all of these specifications. We arranged a number of transportation options for the client, to maximise the efficiency and contain the costs of distributing a range of different products.

Order time lines

We provided the client with information on how to achieve the fastest and most efficient order fulfilment times, and estimates on times between receipt, pick and dispatch for the various types of goods. By programming our management system to suit the different goods in stock, we were able to customise different solutions for each type, resulting in a streamlined distribution process across the entire inventory.

Packaging requirements

The client had a number of specific packaging requirements across a range of goods. We were able to accommodate these services within our warehousing systems, providing appropriate packaging solutions with electronic labelling to ensure accuracy and visibility in dispatch and tracking, and to maintain the safety and structural integrity of the products during storage and transportation.


We provided the client with clear information on the timelines between setting up to go live, and the implementation steps and processes involved. This involved importing data and setting up items, and systems checking, including all orders, invoicing and reporting. We ensured that the client fully understood the processes involved in managing the inventory, and had fully integrated online access to their inventory. 


The implementation of the specific solutions was a success: the client’s first orders went out on time and in full. The most single most important factor in this solution was clear communication, ensuring that the client fully understood the specific processes and distinct requirements of managing an inventory of diverse products.


Quality, efficiency and safety

GML Group sites are HACCP accredited, and abide by the regulations of the ALC, and by the RLSC code of practice, undertaking annual audits and assessments to ensure that we maintain our high standards of safety, quality, and efficiency, from point of origin to point of consumption.